Our BESPOKE Program is a unique program that allows you to collaborate with DPE Wheels in designing a custom "one of a kind" wheel available only to you.  Custom wheels reach the next level by becoming truly tailored to not only your specific vehicle requirements, but also to your aesthetic ones. Whether you have a special unique vehicle that deserves a special wheel or a production model vehicle that you want to set apart from the rest ...  BESPOKE is the answer.





1. Consult

You and your DPE Representative will discuss what you envision for your "one of a kind" design.  At this first stage, DPE will gather basic high level information such as make, model, year, brake information, and construction (1 piece, 2 piece, or 3 piece modular), etc. If it is determined that your requirements are feasible, your project will move on to the next step.


2. Cost

A cost analysis estimate including shipping will be provided. If approved, you will submit a non-refundable 50% deposit and return the signed estimate to DPE.


3. Agreement

In order to collaborate and discuss specific details and design queues, your "one of a kind design" must be protected with a confidentiality agreement for you and/or your representation to review. Once two copies are signed for both parties' records, the collaborative creative process can be done freely without restraint.


4. Design and Engineering

After discussing your overall design requirements, our engineers will create a rendering model based on vehicle engineering parameters and make the necessary adjustments (if needed) to your design to insure that your "one of a kind wheel" passes FEA Testing and adheres to DPE's Quality & Standards. You will review the model, fitment specifications, approve, and sign thereby finalizing the design to create the CNC program.


5. Production

Your DPE Representative will provide a production schedule and photos during the manufacturing from start to finish. 


6. Quality Check

All DPE Wheels undergo stringent QC, but as part of the DPE ID Program, you will receive video of your wheels' runout testing and a copy of the QC Checklist signed by the DPE Technician assigned to assemble your wheels.


7. Balance and Shipping

When your wheels are near completion, you will be contacted to submit the remaining balance. Once the balance has been cleared, the accounting department will release the wheels for shipping. Your DPE Representative will then email you the shipment's tracking number.


If you are ready to begin the exciting and collaborative creative process of designing your own "one of a kind" DPE Wheels, fill out your information and a DPE Representative will email you within 24 hours. Thank you.

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