This series offers both monoblock and three piece construction for the individual that looks to possess robust wheel designs.

Available in 19-24 inch 3 piece and and 20-24 inch in Monoblock

  • 1 and 3 Piece Forged 
  • Hubcentric Bore
  • Custom Offsets
  • Custom Finishes
  • OE TPMS Compatibility
  • Offset Specific Concavity 
  • Custom engineering per vehicle
  • 3 Piece Designs Available in Step Lip and Reverse Lip
  • Visible and Hidden Rivets optional based on 3 piece wheel design 

       * pcd may vary per order



E6 Monoblock

E7 Monoblock

EX5 - Exclusively for Lamborghini


ES5 Monoblock