Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on my wheels?



I have SEMA project. Would DPE be interested? 

If you feel your vehicle would be a good candidate email 2 vehicle photos for our review. Please include what design, diameter/width, and finish color you are interested in.


How do I become an authorized DPE dealer? 

We are very thankful you wish to sell and support our wheels,  but we do not accept new dealers unless they have a business license, a seller's permit, and two company references they have done business with for a minimum of one year. If you fit this criteria, please email


I have problems with my wheels, such as my wheel is leaking air. What do I do?

Put your spare or stock wheels back on so as you do not damage your tire, wheel, or vehicle. Your safety is most important. Please email so we may help troubleshoot the issue and go over with you the necessary steps to resolve your issue.


Why don't you have your address on the web site?

DPE is not open to the public and available by appointment only. In previous years, wheels for repair would be shipped to DPE with no information or prior contact. Should you need to ship your wheels to us for repair, you will need to contact a DPE representative who will assign a reference number for you to include with your shipped wheels. This will insure your wheels are properly serviced and accurate tracking be done.


What is DPE Wheels' production lead time?

Depending on the season and the wheel series chosen, it can take from 8-10 weeks generally. In some instances, it may take longer due to unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to material supply delays, powdercoating finishing issues, inoperable machine, or the SEMA Show. Any delays in the chain of production we will notify the authorized dealer you placed your order with so that you may be apprised of the situation as soon as possible.


Does DPE release the offset to their wheels?

Offsets are provided after a confirmed, non-refundable deposit for your wheel order. 


How do I clean my wheels?

Generally what is safe for your vehicle's paint is safe for your wheels. Be sure to not use any solvents or de-greasers on your wheels. Be especially careful when taking your car to a car wash or dealer wash.


Who do I contact for repair or re-finish?

It is best to contact DPE directly to service your wheels by emailing If your wheels have been repaired, re-finished, and/or serviced by a third party, DPE is released of all liability as we cannot guarantee the work of any third party. Use of a third party voids any existing warranty. Please refer to the terms and warranty drop down menu under "MyDPE" in the navigation bar for more information.


Are your wheels safe for autocross or racing? 

None of our wheels are recommended for illegal racing. For sanctioned events such a autocross and weekend track events, our MT Series is more suited.


I'm thinking about buying some used DPE Wheels. Will they fit my car? 

Unless you have the 4 digit reference number, it is nearly impossible for us to confirm as we build custom wheels with a variety of offsets, widths, and brake clearances.


Are used wheels covered under warranty?

NO. Warranty is only covered for the original purchaser because it is not possible to know the history of the wheels and how they were used or repaired. They could have been repaired in the past by a third party vendor and if their workmanship in any way fails, DPE cannot be liable for their work. If you do purchase new wheels, please be sure to register them so your wheels are authenticated and any services performed by DPE  throughout your ownership of the wheels are recorded.


I live in a region that experiences heavy rain. Why are my wheels vibrating at high speeds when it rains? 

This is the nature of a 3 piece reverse lip wheel no matter the manufacturer. Water collects on the inner barrel and there is now way for it to drain out.